Cyber Crimes

Investigation & Prosecution Our Cyber regulations team comprises of highly skilled and qualified professionals offering cyber attorneys, IT authorities, IT professionals and cyber forensics who have succeeded with resolving by far the most complex cyber circumstances including cyber offenses by working in close relationship with Cyber Transgression Cell in the Indian Police force Department.
We have the practical experience of coping with contentious and also non contentious work pertaining to cyber regulations. Our cyber regulations team features successfully symbolized clients with diverse cyber regulation related suit including cyber transgression cases, cyber following, e-IPR encroachment, on-line credit-based card frauds, on the net defamation, info thefts and so on. We at Aristocrat advise our own clients about negotiation and also drafting of Information technology related legal papers, online gaming, e-IPR difficulties and render suggestions about combating hacking episodes, phishing makes an attempt, data thefts and also on-line credit-based card frauds.

The Types Of Cyber Crime may be succinctly stated as under:-

• Cyber Pornography
• Email (Nigerian Scam , Email Bombing)
• Salami Attack
• Web Defacement
• Defamation
• Credit Card Crimes
• Email Spoofing
• Denial of Service Attacks (Dos & Ddos)
• Virus, Trojan, Key Loggers
• Cyber Terrorism
• Phishing

The various methods of Tracing are:-

• Email Headers
• Who is Search
• IP Tracing
• Password Breaking
• Web Crawling
• Using Google as Advanced Search Engine
• Packet Sniffing
• Port Scanning

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