Family Law

We at Aristocrat Legal Solutions take up and conduct, for and, against cases that may pertain to any type of Matrimonial Laws applicable throughout India. Experts in our law firm have an advisory role in these matrimonial matters, but also take up Court matter pertaining to Maintenance and Criminal Cases under section 498-A-IPC, Domestic Violence Cases & Divorce Cases The divorce lawyers in our firm help our clients to understand their rights and advise our clients regarding child custody etc and other allied related issues.

We offer a wide range of legal services related to divorce & matrimonial which include:

• Divorce (Mutual & Contested)
• Child Custody
• Maintenance
• Criminal Proceedings
• Annulment/Nullity of Marriage
• Restitution of Conjugal Rights
• Domestic Violence
• Partition Suit

Our Unique Services include

• Divorce Litigation Service
• Pre Litigation Service
• Assistance in Counseling
• Conducting Trial
• Getting Copies of Documents
• Criminal Law, Police Actions
• Documentation and Allied Services
• Service of Process under Hague Convention, etc.

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